Idube Property Development Group    "making development the priority"

Welcome to the Idube Property Development Group, South Africa's newest Home builder and Property Developer of residential, commercial and industrial developments. We are a fledgling property development company based in the Pietermaritzburg region. Our main objectives as a business entity is to become a significant and a recognized participant in the property development field, initially in the Pietermaritzburg area and its immediate surroundings, and perhaps in the future to explore opportunities further afield. We are a highly ambitious company whose aim is to add value to every project we initiate and become involved in. Our ethos revolves around generating value for both our company and our customers.

Properties Currently Being Developed : still underway

18. 06. 2012
-Office blocks in an upmarket area in Pietermaritzburg
Pietermaritzburg & Howick
15. 11. 2012
-Residential complexes at Howick and Pietermaritzburg
27. 01. 2013
-Shopping centre at Howick

Services Provided

[1] : Developments
      i. Residential
      ii. Commercial
      iii. Industrial

[2] : Renovations

[3] : Alterations